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Philip A. Covington – The Ultimate Course for Amazon Vendors


It's time for you to take advantage of this new opportunity and create a profitable business for Amazon!
No prior knowledge or experience required!

No holds!

No gadgets!

No escape!

The most recent course on Amazon FBA available!

Mentoring unlimited life by me personally – Not an assistant!

No empty promises or frightening tactics from Amazon Guru!

An overview of what you will learn as a student of this course:
How to search and buy products generating thousands of monthly revenue on Amazon FBA

Exactly the step-by-step procedure of setting up my six-digit Amazon FBA business

My PPC methods that reduce your costs and increase sales by the thousands

My proven methods to organically organize all your products on the first page!

Understand the important technical process to sell on Amazon that many sellers neglect

How to create an extremely powerful Amazon company from the ground up

How to quickly validate your product idea to be sure that it will bring in money

How to get product samples to validate your product before investing your hard earned money

How to turn your ideas into a superior product that will crush your competition

How to create the perfect Amazon list with powerful triggers for consumer psychology and SEO

How to structure and manage your business so as to avoid any tax or legal problem!

How to turn your profitable products into a 6 or 7 digit brand that people find irresistible

How to diversify your sales channels with a high converting website and an exceptional presence on social media!

My name is Philip A Covington and I understand where you came from because I went there!

I understand your desire for something better – because I was broke and frustrated too!
I understand your struggles!

I understood. Working in a 9 to 5 year position can be very difficult, especially if you do not like who you work for, or do not like the work itself. Maybe you want to be able to stay at home with your kids, or maybe you're just fed up with working twice to survive.

If that sounds like you, earning a substantial salary at home may seem like a dream, or maybe a simple scam. But let me tell you that thousands of people around the world have managed to sell items to Amazon and have the opportunity to join them.

I call Philip A. Covington and I was one of those daily workers. I helped other people become wealthy while my own paychecks seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. I was disappointed, frustrated, sick and tired of living this life. I wanted to give my family and myself a better life. I wanted to achieve financial freedom. After a lot of difficulties, I finally decided to say goodbye to my job and start my own business. It was hard, it was really hard! There are so many "gurus" trying to rip you off, and I learned things the hard way. I've tried all the systems, all the magical courses that have promised me millions of dollars and that have not left me anywhere. But I did not give up …

Over time, I was able to start a business that paid off my mortgage and personal debts and, more importantly, alleviated the stress that is killing my health. Now, I will not try to entice you with these flashy things. I will not show you a Lamborghini (probably rented), nor a supposed house in which I live. I will not promise you the empty promises that the Amazon gurus make. I will not promise you $ 30,000 a month profit on two, three or four products while spending only one hour a week on your business. I'm not going to show you the fake videos of "student success" that Amazon's gurus are trying to seduce you.

This course is constantly updated, added and improved – you have access to improvements and additions forever, at no extra cost!

There are many ways to start a business. We will discuss pros and cons in class. If you decide to go with an LLC, I can show you how to save $ 149 on initial filing fees.

Find out which products will earn you the most

Let's face it. You will have to sell a lot of chewing gum to get a solid salary, if that is your choice, and how many people actually buy their chewing gum on Amazon? Not that much. We will talk about products that sell frequently and for a decent profit.

Learn my methods of PPC

I will show you strategic advertising techniques that will help customers see you, and more importantly, not your competitor.

You can not win if you do not play!

As part of my research, I regularly interview students to find out how they are doing in their business, both in my own classroom and in other classes. The most common reason why a student does not earn money? They never started in the first place!

The only way to make money with your business is to start it.

Sustainable and stable income!

No ridiculous promise here. Running a business requires effort. In one month, you will not earn $ 30,000 by working just one hour a day (or, if so, I'd like to know how you did it!) You will not be sailing in a two week Lamborghini after joining the course. You can earn a six-figure income with time and effort. I know it because that's what I'm doing now. It has not happened overnight for me and it is unlikely to happen overnight for you. This is a business that needs to be developed from the ground up.

There are other classes offering outrageous claims, promising you millions of dollars if you only sign up for their classes. Prices are often exorbitant and classes are obsolete and of little value.

This course is about the real world, not a fairyland where instant gratification appears as soon as you know the secret handshake. You probably already have a general idea of ​​what you need to get started. You will need a business license, of course, there will probably be paperwork. You will have to choose products and, mysteriously, sell them.

If you do not know what works, you could waste thousands of dollars on advertising products without ever seeing a cent back on your investment.

Avoid common mistakes

Most businesses fail because of easy mistakes to avoid. Advertisement to the bad crowd! Sell ​​a product that nobody wants. Have the right product but at the wrong time. We help you find the right product at the right time for the right people.

Do not suffer in your daily work longer than necessary!

The time has come to act. If you touch a hot stove and it burns you, how long will you keep your hand on the oven? An unpleasant work environment can often be so uncomfortable and stress can affect your health even more than a small burn.

Win a mentor for life

Once you have purchased the course, you will always have access to it. We will not hide the most recent information. As we learn, you too! I also take on the mentoring job for each of my students, so if you have a unique untreated issue in the course, I will be able to help you.

Course program

Promotional video of the course

The ultimate course for Amazon sellers (10:44)

Free Guide: The 10,000 foot selling on Amazon!

Free Video: How to Start Selling on Amazon for Beginners (20:05)

Important update for affiliates!

Introduction to the course

Welcome and introduction (2:46)

Important note!

Decoding Amazon Acronyms for the New Vendor (6:42)

List of updates and additions

Updates and additions to the course

Recommended tools for this course

Recommended tools

Updates and news from Amazon

Amazon Fee Changes

MODULE W1: Setting up your business

Conference 1: Structuring Your Business (7:13)

Conference 2: Naming Your Business (5:46)

Conference 3: Do I Need an LLC? (3:09)

Reading 4: Form an LLC (14:23)

Conference 5: International Sellers in the US Market (6:05)

Conference 6: International Sellers – Creation of an LLC in the United States

Lecture 7: Beware of scams that target newly formed companies

Conference 8: International Sellers: For Non-Authorized Amazon Countries

Conference 9: Tax Consequences for Canadian Citizens Selling in the US Amazon Market

Supplement: countries accepted by Amazon

Supplement: Amazon Currency Converter for Disbursement (ACCD)

W1 module resources

W1 module task sheet

W1 Quiz Module

MODULE W2: Accounting, taxes and insurance

Reading 1: Tax Identification Number (4:07)

Conference 2: Business Taxes (8:18)

Lecture 3: The Importance of Accounting (2:50)

Course 4: Product Liability Insurance (5:09)

Reading 5: Example of application EIN (11:47)

Supplement: EIN for non-US citizens

Supplement: Tax Information of the State

W2 module resources

W2 module task sheet

MODULE W3: Company Accounts

Lecture 1: The current account of the company (3:57)

Conference 2: Doing Business as (DBA) (5:58)

Lecture 3: The Sales Tax Reinvented (5:18)

Conference 4: The Profit and Loss Statement (2:42)

Reading 5: The Balance Sheet (3:56)

August 2017: Latest news on sales tax

W3 module resources

W3 module task sheet

W4 MODULE: Setting Up a Business on Amazon

Reading 1: Choosing a Store Name (3:26)

Supplement: Seven Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account (14:13)

Reading 2: Creating Your Amazon Seller Account (8:53)

Conference 3: Costs and Fees for Amazon (9:44)

Reading 4: Introduction to Seller Central (3:06)

Lecture 5: Amazon Ungating

Play 6: Amazon Q4 Storage Charge (3:44)

Reading 7: Activities and actions of the forbidden seller – Important! (3:34 p.m.)

Note: on Amazon Seller account fees

W4 module resources

W4 module worksheet

Intermission for motivation

Bootstrapping For Success – A Case Study (8:51)

MODULE W5: Product search phase 1

Reading 1: The products: what to look for and why the gurus are wrong (11:19)

Reading 2: Should you pack? (5:29)

Lecture 3: Randall's Method – Best Sellers (3:28)

Lecture 4: Competition and Why It's Good (4:47)

Lecture 5: The Good Old Common Sense (2:13)

Conference 6: Product Search Trends in Product Research

Supplement: Rankings of the best seller

W5 module resources

W5 module worksheet

MODULE W6: Product search phase 2

Lecture 1: Alibaba Product Research (4:22)

Conference 2: 1688 Product Search

Conference 3: Product Search – Compliments from My Competitors

Conference 4: Product Search on Facebook

Lecture 5: The CamelCamelCamel Tool – Can It Help You?

Conference 6: The best-selling ASINs by Amazon Services – A brand new search tool!

Lecture 7: Unconventional Product Research 2018 (4:32)

Supplement: Search filters suggested by Alibaba

W6 module resources

Worksheet of the W6 module

MODULE W7: Product search phase 3

Lecture 1: Introduction to the scout and the warning in the jungle!

Reading 2: What is the precision of the scout of the jungle?

Conference 3: Introduction to Product Tracker

Lecture 4: Alternatives to the Scout of the Jungle

Reading 5: Deviation from the criteria

Lecture 6: Using Amzpecty

Reading 7: Product Search 2018 (9:49)

W8 MODULE: Phase 1 Sourcing

Course 1: Patented Products and Patent Verification

Course 2: Product Selection – Risk Against Reward

Play 3: China vs domestic (14:04)

Conference 4: Looking for products from India

Reading 5: Find a product supplier via Alibaba

Reading 6: Can I sell patented products?

W9 MODULE: Sourcing Phase 2

Conference 1: Choosing a Quantity of Order – Return to Risk

Lecture 2: Getting Quotes

Conference 3: Negotiation

Conference 4: Get the best offer

Reading 5: Ordering samples

W9 module resources

MODULE W10: Sourcing Phase 3

Conference 1: Logo Design

Conference 2: Package Design

Lecture 3: Product Photography

Course 4: The UPC Codes and the Amazon FNSKU

Course 5: Creating your initial product list

Supplement: All About Barcodes

Supplement: more information about UPC and FNSKU

Resources of module W10

Worksheet of module W10

MODULE W11: Sourcing Phase 4

Conference 1: International Expedition: Airplane

Conference 2: International Maritime Transport: Sea

Conference 3: Create the plan of expedition

Reading 4: Place Product Order

Conference 5: Quality Assurance

Lecture 6: Errors to Avoid When Importing (12:27)

Supplement: Estimated shipping costs

Supplement: Sending Your Product to an Amazon Distribution Center (4:44)

Resources of module W11

W11 module task sheet

MODULE W12: Product Lists

Course 1: Creating Product Variants

Conference 2: Creating batches of products

Conference 3: Keywords Keywords

Reading 4: Keywords in foreign language

Reading 5: New Amazon Terms – Updated!

Lecture 6: How to set the best price for your product

Reading 7: Amazon Guidelines for Product List Keywords (5:16)

Play 8: Six hack to list your product on Amazon (9:13)

Reading 9: Rules of Amazon Product Detail Page (6:00)

Supplement: The two most important elements of a list of products

W12 module resources

MODULE W13: Getting Sales

Conference 1: Optimize the title of your product

Conference 2: Optimize the points of your product

Conference 3: Optimize the images of your products

Course 4: Optimize your product description

Reading 5: Optimize the keywords of your product

Reading 6: What is the importance of product reviews?

Reading 7: Email Follow-up – Should I Follow Up?

W13 module resources

W13 module task sheet

MODULE W14: Sales Optimization

Conference 1: Optimizing PPC – Amazon Sponsored Products

Conference 2: Your First Amazon PPC Campaign!

Play 3: Amazon Promotions – Savings

Play 4: Amazon Promotions – Free Shipping

Play 5: Amazon Promotions – Buy One in One

Lecture 6: Facebook Advertising – Phase 1

Conference 7: Facebook Advertising – Phase 2

Lecture 8: Facebook Advertising – Phase 3

Lecture 9: Continuous Refinement of Your Product Lists

Supplement: Amazon Advertising – Display Ad Campaigns

W14 module resources

W14 module task sheet

Module W15: Solve problems

Conference 1: Hackers and How to Manage Them

Conference 2: Suspension of your seller's account

Conference 3: Exhaust inventory

Reading 4: Watch your coupons

Conference 5: Dealing with poor product choices

W15 module resources

MODULE W16: More problems and solutions

Reading 1: Protect yourself from prying eyes

Conference 2: The competition … even with Amazon

Lecture 3: Dealing with Negative or False Criticism

Reading 4: Dealing with counterfeiting complaints – False or not

Resources of module W16

MODULE W17: Beyond FBA: Shopify or FBM on Amazon

Course 1: Realization by Merchant (FBM)

Lecture 2: Why the "experts" tell you to stay away

Conference 3: Do I Need Help Part Time?

Lesson 4: Amazon FBM SEO Strategies

Conference 5: Sell Your Amazon Products on Shopify (3:09)

W17 module resources

MODULE W18: Developing Your Amazon Activity – Part 1

Conference 1: Do I need external funding?

Conference 2: Hiring Virtual Assistants for Your Business

Conference 3: Reinvest in your business

Conference 4: Do not let your Amazon business fail!

Conference 5: Key Actions for Your Amazon Business

W18 module resources

MODULE W19: Developing Your Amazon Activity – Part 2

Conference 1: Email Marketing for Your Business

Conference 2: Developing your business to sell

Lecture 3: Amazon Wholesale

Lecture 4: Selling on your own website

Conference 5: Is your Amazon Business Q4 Business Ready?

Resources of module W19

W20 MODULE: Expand your Amazon Activity – Part 3


Conference 1: A very profitable niche?

Conference 2: Developing Your Business Internationally

Conference 3: Scaling Your Amazon Business (and Your Profits!)

Conference 4 Sell your business?

Module W20