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[Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator 2017

Presentation of "The Board Accelerator"

Consulting Accelerator is a proven 6 week online implementation program that teaches you exactly how to start an extremely profitable 6 or 7 digit consulting business and get your first client within 42 days.

The information is available online on a content portal and provided via videos and PDFs. You can take training at your own pace, wherever you are in the world, and even adapt to a job from 9 to 5 years old.

This is not your typical "course". It is a proven implementation program in which you follow the steps to set up your own extremely profitable six-digit consulting firm within six weeks.

No matter if you have no technological skills or digital marketing, all you need to know is provided step by step in this training program.

In just six weeks, here's what you'll get:

First week: master your niche and your offer

How to choose the most profitable market for your services AND the most profitable segment of this market
How to organize, price and position your services to get the best price and sell easily to your customers
How to be paid at least $ 2,000 / month by gathering what you already know
Most people spend more than 3 years in this field and still understand it badly! This is the foundation of your consulting business and it is fatal if you do not do it right.
We get this composition in the first 7 days!
Second week: Master the consultation

How to conduct the perfect consultation so that you convert your calls to 25% right out
I did more than 1,500 consultations, I really mastered and refined them to make a methodology and a scenario. You get my current script and complete training on how to make calls
Recorded calls showing you * exactly * how to make them as a master
How to accept credit cards online and by phone (I configure you with your own merchant)
If you ruin this part, you will generate appointments but not have customers and literally leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table. I get you to be at the top of your game and 25% within 14 days.
Third week: 3 quick ways to get customers in an organic way

3 proven methods to get high-paying customers as fast as possible without spending a dime on advertising
We want to let you know your first customers within 30 days of the start of this training program before hitting FB ads. We do this!
Method 1 – Mailing (proven model)
Method 2 – Direct Awareness Email (Proven Model)
Method 3 – Organic FB Posts (Proven Model)
Most people put between 6 months and 1 year before reaching their first paying client. You start playing in the first 21 days after your purchase without spending a penny on paid advertising!
Week Four: Setting Up Your Appointment Generation Machine

Comprehensive step-by-step training on configuring our proven appointment generation machine
Models of all landing pages, so you just have to download them in a few clicks!
My script and my slides for the "Video of Value", so you only have to exchange my information for your niche information (Model of me …)
Access to all the software required to install it so that it works like mine
Building it yourself would take more than 300 hours and cost more than $ 50,000. In this training program, I give you all this on a silver platter and we prepare you to work in the first 28 days!
Fifth Week: Create Successful Facebook Campaigns

Once your appointment scheduling machine is online, it's time to start generating traffic and actually grow your consulting business!
A complete, step-by-step training on setting up extremely successful Facebook campaigns, with $ 30 appointments and new customers at $ 120!
Proven templates for ads, instructions on setting up your targeting, traps to watch for, and training on day-to-day management
I spent more than $ 750,000 on Facebook ads and $ 230,000 on apprenticeships with top Facebook marketers. In this module, I summarize everything I've learned and present it to you on a silver platter.
Most people try themselves FB and spend six months and tens of thousands of dollars trying to do things right before giving up with a burden of debt and frustration. We make it compose within 5 weeks after our collaboration!
Sixth Week: Scaling to 6 Digits and Beyond

During week 6, you have already set up and earned money. It's time to move up a gear!
All the legal notices you need to manage your consulting business: contracts, proposal templates, terms, etc. (Save $ 5,000 in legal fees)
How to position yourself as an expert in your industry and order higher prices
3 tried-and-tested referral systems so that every customer you earn returns you at least 2 or 3 new
How to engage other people for your strategy session calls so you can increase volume and achieve high values ​​at 6 digits or even 7 digits!

You also get …

Access to a brain / private community of like-minded people, pursuing the same goals and doing it all over the world (access for life …)
Ability to team up as an "accounting partner" to hold you accountable and achieve results
Concrete examples of how ALL of this is done so that you can model what is currently working instead of starting from scratch and learning by trial and error.
Here is a summary of everything you will get:

6-week Consulting Accelerator Implementation Program ($ 3,997)
Access to the brain / community of other people who do (access for life) (value of $ 1,997)

This is a combined total value of $ 5,994
Value: $ 1,997


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