gimp – 360 photo post-processing colour “flare”

I shoot 360 photos with my camera and I use Rawtherapee for post-processing and colour correction. The problem is that the software doesn’t take into account (even if there is the proper EXIF information for 360 photo projection type) that the left edge of the photo is connected to the right edge. Every time I use settings that act “locally” within the photo (e.g. Shadows/Highlights and Local contrast), it results in a colour discontinuity when observed with a 360 viewer, as in the image below.
enter image description here

To overcome this, I use GIMP to enlarge the photo by ‘x’ cells on both sides (and above) by pasting part of the photo which is connected (on a 360 perspective) for each side. This allows me to use those Rawtherapee’s settings without concerns, but it takes almost half the time to post-process a single photo.

Is there a tool/software/workaround to solve this problem in a more time-efficient way?