GitLab AutoDevOps Deployment of wait time deployment to complete kubernetes

I've applied the gitlab AutoDevOps configuration here. Connect the Kubernetes cluster to DigitalOcean.
Pipeline delay time error. What could be the problem?

$ deploy
secret / myprod-xjxj5s-secret replaced
Deploying the new version ...
The version "myprod-xjxj5s" does not exist. Install it now.
NAME: myprod-xjxj5s
Last Deployment: Thu 11 Apr 21:59:35 2019
NAMESPACE: production

The application should be accessible at:
Waiting deployment deployment of "myprod-xjxj5s": 0 replicas updated on 1 are available ...
Docker image gitlab / gitlab-runner-assistant: x86_64-227934c0 ...
ERROR: Work failure: The run lasted more than 1h0m0s seconds