Given 10 euros compensation for the missed flight which was subsequently canceled

I was returning from Moscow – Amsterdam and I had a connecting flight to London.

The flight from Moscow left with an hour and a half late and arrived with an hour and 41 minutes late. I missed my connecting flight and, as it was the last flight, the company put me in a hotel to catch the plane tomorrow.

When I landed initially, I had already downloaded the airline's application. At the top of my itinerary, it says that I was entitled to compensation by spending 10 euros in a cafe or restaurant, and its validity was 24 hours. I activated it.

About 10 hours later, at the airport, I place an order at the cafe after confirming that I could use the compensation. By paying, they said that there was no money on the boarding card and to go to my door. When I arrived at my door, they said that I could not be compensated because the plane had not arrived two hours late or more.

I found this strange as it says on the application to which I was entitled the day before. Should I have deepened the question?

The airline was KLM.