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Description of the program
Golden Rush is one of the leading independent miners of gold ore. The extraction of raw materials is carried out in the United States, Canada, Azerbaijan, Brazil and China. The company is a legislator in this niche that uses a new technology of efficient and environmentally friendly gold mining. Gold has always been the most liquid and least risky global currency. All global liquidity is calculated exclusively in the gold reserves of a country!


Investment plans

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4.6% per day forever; The capital returns at any time with a fee of 5% (Refill per second)

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Payment Processor
Bitcoin Cash

Reflective Committee
3 levels: 3% – 2% -1%

Minimum deposit
$ 5

Encrypted SSL
Rapid and cooperative support
Protected DDoS
Dedicated hosting

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(Investment programs are always risky so do not invest if you can not afford to lose)