google adsense – How long should I expect ads to appear on a website?

I've recently had an idea for a website that I wanted to monetize. Much of this site revolved around an infrequent conference that only happens every few years. I had about a week left to prepare the site and post ads on the site before being able to cope with a large influx of visitors.

However, after successfully completing the site, I am now experiencing problems to quickly deploy ads. An associated suggestion from Google AdSense and after a quick flyby, I simply assumed that I should register, add code on my site and that I would be up and running. But now, I discover that Google says I can not see my site and do not tell me why (is it because I'm only https and I block http? Is it because my site is not indexed? because Google does not know it? I do not even see it trying to access my site in the newspapers, and the sites "Am I standing" all say that they can see my site; I can not even convince them to try again for 24 hours), and while I was reading over trying to solve this problem, I was finding more and more problems such as "You must have at least 10 pages of content with a lot of text on your site, otherwise it will be rejected ", and" it could take up to two weeks for your site to be approved "(which I do not have, I have hardly a week and that means I will not have time to advertise my site in advance).

So, given that this market is really tight, is it realistic? How long should I wait from the moment I sign up to post ads on my site until they are posted? Are AdSense only subject to these restrictions or are they universal? I've looked at some other places and some offer no information until you sign up (as if I was wasting time registering without knowing the details), and others suggest that it may take a few days even before being approved. strange restrictions, as they will not accept you unless you are not "beyond 1,000,000 Alexa rank" (what does it mean even? they do not accept popular sites – or is it unpopular?)

One place adds: "I read on the forum of an expert that, to be approved, you must have a website dating back at least six months and containing more than 50 items. " which, if true, means that my plans will crush and burn without hope of healing!