google analytics – Why are there so many visits to my property as page views and events combined?

I get the data limit exceeds the warning on the Google Analytics dashboard. When I checked the hit volume of the property (under Admin -> Property settings), the total number of hits shows a larger number, around 87M. But the number of page views and events combined in a month is only 12 million. So my question is where do these additional hits come from?

I use a SPA and I send the page view manually when changing the route. So even if I send the page multiple times (due to bad code), it should be listed in the page views. What am I forgetting here?

I have checked the network tab of my application, a page call is called several times for certain pages / routes. Could this be a reason for bigger hits? And if so, why doesn't it show up in page views?

Any leads will be appreciated. Thank you.