google chrome – How can I force NYSE to show me a full, unfiltered list?

As you suggested, using the Developer Tools of the browser you can view the requests and response when refreshing the page. You hope with this sort of request that the “data” part of a page comes from an API and is a structured response such as XML or JSON.

In this case, there is the query to If you look at the body of the request, it has a maxResultsPerPage. This is set to 10 by default but it seems you can adjust it so the API returns more JSON. It’s really just using your favourite tool to get and parse/present the data, knowing this API can be called.

For example, this one liner might help, having changed it to 100:

wget -Uri "" -Method "POST" -ContentType "application/json" -Body "{`"instrumentType`":`"EQUITY`",`"pageNumber`":1,`"sortColumn`":`"NORMALIZED_TICKER`",`"sortOrder`":`"ASC`",`"maxResultsPerPage`":100,`"filterToken`":`"`"}" | ConvertFrom-Json | % { $_ } | ogv