Google Data Studio can not see Google Sheets formulas as values

I have a problem with Google Data Studio.

I'm adding my sheet as a data source and.

There is a column in this sheet based on this formula:

= iferror (D2 * index (query (GOOGLEFINANCE (CONCATENATE ("CURRENCY:" CURRENCY: "CURRENCY:" CURRENCY: "CURRENCY: C2)," PLN "))," price ", B2-1, B2," daily " ), "select Col2", 2,1), "0")

This essentially calculates the value in PLN according to the date in the B-neck, the currency in the C-neck and the amount in the D-neck.

The Google data studio should get the result of this formula and consider it as a value.

Instead, he sees no value displaying 0 for the entire column.

Does anyone have any idea of ​​how to solve this problem?