google play store – Keep the status of the application disabled by resetting factory settings?

I've done some experiments with Android to lock a kid's phone. Ideally, I would like it to use only pre-installed apps on the phone. he spends too much time playing games on the phone. I discovered that I could turn off the Google Play Store on the phone (once rooted) by throwing the command pm disable

However, I suspect that this setting will not persist if the children's factory resets the phone (it knows how to do it like it did when I locked the phone with a third-party application).

I managed to create and use AOSP on the phone and install the necessary Gapps for Google Fi (our operator) and other essentials, but I want my final Android image to be set to default, unless explicitly re-enabled after, for example, a factory reset.

Now, my knowledge of Android is a bit limited, but from what I found via some of pm source is that the default enabled / disabled status is specified in the AndroidManifest.xml file of the APK package. Since I'm trying to disable a Google app, I probably will not be able to change it.

So, instead, I was trying to understand via the pm source how exactly pm goes on marking an application as being disabled. Unfortunately, my understanding of Java is terrible and so I could not say anything about the inner workings of the pm is that ca.

Is there a way to disable at the root of my default system when creating AOSP?