google sheets – Counting rows based on the date it has and the current end of the week

Problem to solve:
Given 2 rows, containing the author’s name and a date, you have to count how many rows that author has.
The tricky part here is that I have to use the date row and check how many entries does that author have within the week of that date he entered.

What my data looks like:

enter image description here

Expected output:

enter image description here

Let’s hypothetically say that today is the 19th of February and it’s a Friday.
I need to count each row that has a date between 15th of February (Monday) and 21st of February (Sunday).

Next week, from 22nd of February, I need to start it over and check it again for that week and so on.

So, I’m trying to better understand how to approach a simple / stupid problem that I can’t find a solution to it.
I’ve been messing around with the QUERY() function but with no luck since I have literally no idea what lead to follow.

Thanks in advance if someone can solve it or at least point me into the right direction.