google sheets – How to pick a random row that also does not contain text in one cell?

so I have a google spreadsheet full of youtube videos.
Column A looks if the video is already in column B, and if it is it says “duplicate”

Column B is youtube link

Column C is the title of the video

Column D is the name of the author

Column E is the genre (eg. car review, lets play, comedy…)

Column F is the lenght

And finally column G contains “x” as in I already watched it. And few times “unlisted”.

So I want to create a randomizer which picks a random link and all the info about it, but does not contain “x” – random video that i havent watched.

I came up with this =INDEX(B5:G; RANDBETWEEN(1; COUNTA(B5:B))). Works great as a randomizer, but it doesnt care about the filter I have set.

If someone has a idea how to pick a random link which does not contain a text in collum G and lists the info – title,author,genre ect., I would be very happy.