Google Sheets – How to prevent the colors of each series from changing when inserting new data into Chart Editor?

This problem occurs on each chart type. For example, I have a pie chart created from a long data table in which each color is assigned a specific text color, so that each slice of the sector matches the color of that color. column. I keep this color code on various other graphs of the same data for easy reading of the data.

When I insert a new column in the table data, I want to give it a new color and make its slice take that color. The new data is inserted into the pie chart series. However, the series will not retain the colors assigned to it, but the inserted series will take the color of the series that was in its place, which will produce a domino effect, because each series will change color. The last series will have a new color. Thus, all the slices of the graph following the inserted slice will no longer correspond to the color of its column.

Graph before and after inserting new data

I then have to manually reset each series to its original color, which is extremely tedious and frustrating every time I want to insert new data.

How to preserve the color of each slice / series so that all colors do not change when I insert new data?