google sheets – Query (Importrange) or Query with dates

I try to show or limit what is seen to only entries made in 2019. I have found a few places that refer to this and I have tried the following without success.

= query (IMPORTRANGE ("1bSyor-91_py58oDPVfalwcSB7Fw4mmJmD1jEOTIE7FU", "FVA_2017! A: M"), "select A, B, C, D, F, H, H, J, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, H, J, H, J, M, M> date, 2019-01-01, and L <date 2019-12-30 & # 39; ; ")

Or to query the sheet directly from the same file.

= query ("FVA_2017! A: M", "select A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M where L> date" 2019-01-01 "and L <date 2019-12-30 & # 39; ")

I get the same error

"Unable to parse query string for function 2 query parameter: NO_COLUMN: A"

by trying both queries.

If I'm just a regular important such as

= IMPORTRANGE ("1bSyor-91_py58oDPVfalwcSB7Fw4mmJmD1jEOTIE7FU", "FVA_2017! A: M")

I understand everything. The date column is L and the format is a standard date field from a Google form of 04/29/2019. The first line is a header line, would that cause an error?