Google Sheets – Sending File URLs Without Email Editing Mode

I wrote a script to send Google documents created when sending a form by email. I wanted the script to send both the pdf format of the Google doc file and its URL, but I want a recipient to only have view mode and be available to download the file. But they also have the editing mode. How can this be done? Help me!

Here's the part of the script I'm using:

  switch (cases) {
    case 'TestLetter':
      var copy = testfile.makeCopy(Whom, testfolder);
      var doc = DocumentApp.openById(copy.getId()); 
      var body = doc.getBody();
      var docid = copy.getId();
      var docurl = copy.getUrl();

      body.replaceText('{{YourName}}', YourName);
      body.replaceText('{{Whom}}', Whom);
      body.replaceText('{{BodyPart}}', BodyPart);
      body.replaceText('{{TestDate}}', TestDate);

      var pdf = DriveApp.getFileById(docid).getAs("application/pdf");
      var subject = subjectsource;
      var mailbody = bodysource + docurl;      
      GmailApp.sendEmail(EmailAddress, subject, mailbody,{htmlBody: mailbody, attachments: pdf});

      var idrow = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getDataRange().getLastRow();
      sheet.getRange(idrow, 55).setValue(docurl);