google sheets – Using ImportXML to delete data from SimilarWeb

I'm trying to understand how the importxml function works, and until now, it's quite complicated.

I'm trying to delete a specific datum (the unique user per month) from this site:


I have followed several tutorials that have led me to find this XPath:

// *[@id="__single_spa_angular_1"]/ div[1]/ div / div / div / div / div / div / div / section / div / section / div / div / div[2]/ div[1]/ div[5]/ widget / div / div / div / div / div[2]/ div / div / div / div[2]/ div[2]

However, when I use this function, an error is displayed or the content is empty. I do not really know what is causing the problem, but I would really appreciate some help in solving it!