Google Tag Manager – GTM tag not triggered

I created a labelMixpanel in GTM who should pull the trigger – segment_tag_click which in turn has been configured to be returned when there is a dataLayer named variable type is pushed.

I use Redux to send my actions. I can capture this event in the listening function in which I'm calling dataLayer.push

const segmentTagClick = (event, eventsHistory) => {
console.log (event, window.dataLayer);
window.dataLayer.push (event);

Then, I see that my GTM debug console is displaying this message as a new message. However, the tag is not triggered for this new thrust.

Some details

  1. My tag is a custom HTML tag of mixpanel.

  2. My trigger has a configuration such as attached to the image below. I am experimenting with different options in preview mode to see if something works. You will find below an overview of it.

enter the description of the image here

  1. Screenshot of Datalayer screen after a click has taken place on the website

    enter the description of the image here

So, basically, at the click of those colorful labels that you see in Screen Capture 2, I want to trigger a trigger that I've named "segment_tag_click" which should trigger my tag of "Mixpanel" to push the Data object as it is in mixpanel.

i.e. mixpanel as a custom HTML tag should send the message

{type: 'SEGMENT_TAG_CLICK', tagName: 'ramp_up'

from GTM to mixpanel as is. How can I do this?