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Cosora has been promoted to the default default theme for the moment, but it is likely to give way to the next set of themes, Leta and Nox. There is always a new theme.

Tempra Simple was the first theme of Gosora and it has evolved a lot, even if it presents some fatal flaws that I will have to deal with or will eventually replace it with a new theme.

Frankly, I've added and changed so many things that I do not remember at all, but I'll see if I can scribble the main parts.

First of all, I rediscovered that I had a feature that preloaded the next topic page into one set in advance rather than waiting for you to click on it, in Avoiding the latency of reaching the server. I added it nine months ago and have completely forgotten o.o

I will see how to improve this soon. As I told other people, I pushed him to a numbered version, v0.1.0. One of the steps will be the application that will allow you to update Gosora via the command line and will allow you to switch from one version to another.

I added about 300 phrases as a gift to someone who was interested in the translation of the software. We also follow the language that the end user has set on his operating system, especially when he has sent a language header (usually a bot). I've discovered some very interesting statistics with that.

The themes are largely related to freezing features until the end of the upgrade to avoid any division of effort and more and more routes followed, including the robots file. txt.

The correction of MSSQL and the moving of routes to the new package have been placed at the top priority, although moving the roads is not trivial, so even with a few sleepless nights, it will be a very tricky task. calm me a little better with that one.

I've always been a fan of the unique layouts for Tempra Simple and Shadow, so I'm going to see what I can do to align them with the extended feature set because they're a little stretched out at the same time. actual hour.

Tempra Conflux may be the next to be reduced, the Tempra Cursive theme will almost certainly be reduced, it was a beautiful experience, but the time has come to put it to eternal rest, like Cosmo.

Profile owners now receive alerts for profile comments. The connection, registration, IP search and error models are now transpired. They should therefore be about 60 times faster than before.

According to Stack Overflow, this is not the most reliable source of information, but it is worth giving a little context, take it with a pinch of salt, the model interpreter talks about the speed of PHP7, while the transpiler is much faster, and I'm going to correct a recent performance regression of adding about 400 sentences (almost twice as slowly) to bring the themes back to where they were (essentially releasing them, although it takes a little bit of work).

I have a headache, so I may have forgotten some things, but it should be the essential. I've also done a ton of refactoring to facilitate code maintenance and added Slackbot support in the user agent analysis page.

Let's see if we can get this alpha (precursor of v0.1.0), it should be fun :)