grub2 – The boot does not work and can not access the bios

So I installed Ubuntu 18.04 with dual boot on my Acer Spin513 series (model No: N16W1) and the installation went smoothly. But when I started the computer, it would boot Windows and not Ubuntu or even would not show me the menu to select which operating system. So on Windows, I went to the CMD as an administrator and I've bcdedit / set {bootmgr} path EFI ubuntu grubx64.efi
Now when I start the computer, the following message will appear after the Acer logo:

BootOrder system not found. Initialization of the default values.
Creation of the "Boot00XX" boot entry with the "ubuntu" label for the " EFI  Ubuntu  shimx64.efi" file

Reset system '

I can not access the bios with F2 or F12, so I can not configure the boot sequence. Does anyone know what to do?