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I use GSA Search Engine Ranker and SER engines, several sites improve rankings, but they keep dancing, what should I do?

I use SER GSA Search Engine Ranker engines and GSA Search Engine Ranker to create links to many of my sites. At first, the rankings were significantly improved. Some keywords were even ranked in the first page after a few days. But they dropped after a ranking of 1 to 2 months, some sites dropped, and then recovered after continuing to link, some sites never recovered.

My process of functioning like that

First, I build a new site, for the wholesale website:

1.1. I put "wholesale * keyword * manufacturer, supplier" in the title of the SEO homepage, and extend this referencing title in the SEO description (means that the listing description contains all the words- keys mentioned in the title of the referencing.

1.2. on the sub page, I put "* keyword * for sale" as the title of referencing, extend this referencing title in the SEO description (usually its length of about 160 to 300 characters), then I copy this description referencing as description of the page in the page subdirectory (which the end user can see) and try to extend this description to 400-600 characters in order to insert more LSI keywords into this page. This description is of course readable by the users.

1.3. for the product page and the blog post page, I'm trying to put Lsi keywords on the SEO title and extend the SEO title in the SEO description meta

Once the website is set up for 7 days, I move on to creating links:

2.1 I have set up a general GSA Search Engine Ranker project with 2 levels, point 1 towards the home page (sometimes, I will also post the sub page); and level 2 links point to level 1.

2.1.1 Usually, I check "article, directory, forum, social bookmark, social network, web2.0, wiki" (only about 50% for each category) for level 1; check "article, blog, forum, guestbook, image comment, microblog, social bookmark, social network, web2.0, wiki" for level 2.

2.1.2 For Tier 1 anchors, I usually provide a report "generic anchor text" and "Domain as anchor text" up to 50% -60% in total, while the parameters "Anchor" and "LSI anchor text" are used 50% ratio (I sometimes use 5% to 10% of "brand anchor text"). I'll put 10 to 20 keywords (for example, my main keyword in A, then I'll put "A big", "A manufacturer", "A design", "A solution", "A company", "A price", "Cheap A" in the "anchor" area) in the "anchor" area in spin version, and 30 to 150 keywords in the "LSI anchor text" box. Level 2 is the same, use even larger keywords.

2.1.3 I usually set the link creation limit for level 1 with "30 to 50 checks per day", for level 2 I have not defined any checks.

2.1.4 This project was running on my own computer.

2.2 I have set up a GSA SER Engine project with 2 levels, level 1 only pointing to the homepage and level 2 links pointing to level 1.

2.2.1 I did not see the social bookmark and the social profile at all.

2.2.2 In general, the articles are unique, sometimes they are not, it is enough that articles are deleted by the generator of content GSA, that they are unique or not, I will rotate them by rewriting of spin and import the spin version into the GSA articles section.

2.2.3 For level 1 anchor, I usually provide a ratio of "generic anchor text" and "domain as anchor" of about 30% to 35%. % in total, and 10% to 15% for the "brand anchor text", left. % -50% for "anchors" (usually contains about 10 to 20 keywords) and "LSI anchor text" (usually contains between 40 and 80 keywords).

2.2.4 after creating the level 1 link, I will automatically send them to the indexing service. after about 3-5 days, the Tier 2 project will begin to work.

2.2.5 By the way, I use the yahoo email accounts and the 2captcha captcha service for creating SER 1 engine engine links.

Sometimes I will buy signs of socail from www.blackhatlinks.com which consist of "facebook, twitter, google +, linkedin, mix, pinterest, reddit", each platform number is 3-10 random.

That's what I did for building links. Below is a screenshot of the ranking of references for some of my projects:

Project 1

Project 2Project-2
Project 3Project-3
Project 44 project
Project 5project-5
Project 66 project
Project 7Project-7
Project 8Project-8
Project 9Project-9
Project 10Project-10
Project 11Project-11
Project 12Project-12
Project 13Project-13

Two friends said that:

1. I should improve SEO on site, for example, if I found a keyword "A" for the page "URL: X", then I should add more content about "A + C", "A + D "(LSI keywords). on the page "URL: X", if it's a sub-page, I should add more internal links to this sub-page.

2. Add more anchor text with "A", "A + C", "A + B" and so on. from external links.

Frankly, I have managed over 13 websites, in fact more than 50 websites, and I can not improve on-site content manually one by one.

So, what should I do at this point? to create more SER web2.0 engine at the sub page? or should I manually create web2.0 and post articles on this web2.0 so that these web2.0 blogs are more stable? and then I explode links to these web2.0 or post PBN manual creation blogs?

Should I use fewer keywords in the "anchor" area in SER engines, so keywords are more targeted?

In addition, should I check the links to sub-pages and products / publications detailed by GSA Search Engine Ranker (not the Ser engine)

PS: I'm sending links to my home page directly from GSA Search Engine Ranker, because I want to hide / diversify my link profile even if they have a low number of links in fact.

I'm waiting for the suggestions of the experienced GSA Search Engine Operator Ranker.

Thanks in advance!