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I have a lot of trouble getting blog comments, articles, microblog, forum, web 2.0, wiki, etc.

Basically, all I get is an indexer and URL shortener links. A few comments from blogs and other things here and there, but almost nothing.

Here is my configuration:

–GSA SER v13.48
– 1 email tote from SEOSpartans
– 10 semi-autographed proxies from buyproxies.org (should I go to dedicated?)
– GS Captcha circuit breaker
– Run on my home computer via a VPN (is this a problem? Do I need to configure a VPS?)
–Check lists of sites of several sellers of Fiverr and test 1linklist (Fiverr packages have good ratings on Fiverr)

Most of the time, I use lists of verified sites, but I also tried to scratch them. No luck there either; it's mainly URL shortener and indexer links

I have attached screenshots of my configuration. I've also attached screenshots of my logs when running a project with a target URL list consisting entirely of URL's of blog comments. verified.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I want to understand how these guys who sell on BHW and Fiverr are able to create over 100,000 comments of blogs, articles, wikis, etc. in a few days. I've bought these packages and seen the links and from now on, I'm miles away from their level of success.