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I use public proxies that I can find. Using the GSA harvest will also be

So here are my settings and my questions

1) How and when does the GSA server detect a public proxy and disable it? I'm not talking about proxy checking, but proxy checking and regular submission in operational projects

2) With the current settings above, is a proxy ever removed from the list of all proxies? as can be seen in the image that I currently have 174304 + 54357 = 228,661. So, will it ever be reduced or increased?

3) When new proxies are discovered with the option "Search new proxies every 60 minutes" selected, are they added permanently to the pool?

4) Can we say that the pool of all proxy servers will grow over time as new proxy servers discover the above parameters?

5) I selected to test all the proxies. Does this mean that every time 60 minutes have elapsed and the GSA will have looked for new proxies, will the system also test all proxies? I mean both checked and unchecked? I guess if he finds a proxy that does not work, he'll check them again?

6) Does the number of threads here conflict with the total number of threads we defined in the global settings?

7) Let's say that testing all proxies takes about 70 minutes and that the software is set to search for new 60-minute proxies. In this case, how does it work? Because in this case, before the current verification process for all proxies is complete, it will be time to check the new proxies and test all the proxies again.

8) With the settings above, can we say that it would be better to adjust it every 360 minutes instead of 60 minutes?