gsm – Unblocking the transmission of the caller ID by address book contact – CLIR

This question is about the CLIR (calling line identification restriction).
on a mobile device, you can "globally" enable or disable CLIR.

by default I want block my identification transmission of the caller.
but for some of my contacts (like "friends and family"), I want to send my ID.
so they know that it's me who calls them …

On the Web, I found the following solution:

  • Let's say I have an address book entry "Mom" with phone number +44 123 45678
  • then I will globally enable CLIR on my phone (so my login is do not submit)
  • then change the phone number of mom * 31 # + 44 123 45678

for simple phone calls, it works well.
but send text messages (SMS) from my samsung phone to this number failed!
and probably WhatsApp contacts and the like will fail, too.

Are there solutions?
has no one actually considered implementing such an address book feature to transmit the caller ID only to certain contacts?

additional keywords:
CLIR, CID, CLID, CLI, CND, CNID, CLIP, * 31 #, # 31 #
USSD GSM codes, unstructured supplementary service data, sometimes called "quick codes" or "function codes".

this question is not limited to Android. for iphone I have not found a solution either.