GUI – Main contact indicator in the table

Suppose we have a table containing a list of users and their basic contact information.

First last 1 | Phone 1 | address1
First last 2 | Phone 2 | Address 2
First last 3 | Phone 3 | Address 3

… etc.

We want the user 1) to quickly understand which user is the primary contact for the account and 2) to quickly point to a different contact in the table as the primary contact.

Initially, I thought that the main contact should be the first line (default), bold, and that a "star filled" icon could be added to the left of the name. Other contacts would have an "empty star" icon. By clicking on "empty star", this entity would become the main contact in bold the line (and place it at the top of the list the next time you open the view).

My problem is that a star icon usually means "favorite" or "followed", not "this is a priority". X from a collection. "

I also have trouble placing the main contact at the top of the list, then all the others in alphabetical order, which is wrong.

What is the best way to indicate it?