hard drive – As of late 2020, is optane still worth considering?

If I want very fast NVMe storage for general usage, is Optane still a good option?
In the past, I read that Optane/3D Xpoint was superior in situations that didn’t just require raw throughput, mainly due to its very high IOPS, however as of late 2020 the best Optane M.2 drives are rated at 300000+ IOPS read, 250000 4k IOPS write and roughly 3GBps sequential read and 1.6GBps sequential writes, as opposed to a 980 PRO which is rated at 800k/1000k IOPS at 7GB read/5GB write, and there are even affordable PCIe 3.x drives that surpass Optane in these metrics by quite a bit.
My question is if these metrics tell the whole story and if Optane is now obsolete as a high end NVMe storage medium or if there is something I am overlooking that might make it worth a look as a boot drive or a cache drive?