Hardware Failure – The installation of Windows 10 is turned off randomly, but Ubuntu works fine without turning itself off randomly.

As the title indicates, my installation of Windows 10 is turned off randomly. Until now, I have:

1) Windows 10 reinstalled (always do it, worse than before now)

2) changed the power supply (which seemed to work, because Windows allowed me to pass the diagnosis of the memory, which detected no error – until the next start, after a random power off of the machine about 5 minutes after the reinstalling the drivers)

3) tested memory: 100% good

4) changed the GPU

5) Installed new night fans to eliminate airflow problems

I do not think this is a thermal event because in the past (when playing DOTA 2 in an air-conditioned air-conditioned apartment with low heat flow, I had thermal events, and they were generally excluded beep beep beep beep).

There is no blue screen of death, it simply goes out.

How can I exclude the problem?