Has Safari stopped forwarding link URLs to system services when using the link’s context menu?

I seem to recall being able to right-click a link in Safari and use a system service from the context menu in order to send the actual link target URL to the service in question.

Nowadays when right-clicking a link i Safari (13.1) the link’s title/text is selected automatically, and when I try to use a service that way it always receives the selected text instead and fails to locate the resource. The services are definitely not receiving the URL since if I use a service with a strict constraint of only accepting URL formatted text, then they don’t show up at all in the menu; I have to follow the link and right-click the URL in the address bar before they appear.

I’m wondering if this ever worked like in my first description? If so, what has changed, if anything? Did I change something? Can I get it back?

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6