haskell – Splitting a list by predicate

I have written a function splitAtPredicate that splits the list at element x satisfying p, dropping x and returning a tuple.

-- | 'splitAtPredicate', applied to a predicate @p@ and a list @xs@,
-- splits the list at element @x@ satisfying @p@, dropping @x@.
splitAtPredicate :: (a -> Bool) -> (a) -> ((a), (a))
splitAtPredicate p = splitAtPredicateAcc p ()
    splitAtPredicateAcc p left right@(x : xs')
      | null right = (left, right)
      | p x = (left, xs')
      | otherwise = splitAtPredicateAcc p (left ++ (x)) xs'

It works, but I’m new to Haskell, so I’m unsure how idiomatic and performant this is. In addition, I’m not too happy with the name splitAtPredicateAcc. Any suggestions are more than welcome.