Have women in the United States ever been enslaved?

"Have women in the United States ever been enslaved?"

No. The very concept of "female oppression" as it is described by feminists can only exist if one denies large parts of history in order to create a false narrative according to which men have somehow retained women for the benefit of men as a group, which is totally false.

The reality is of course that our human biology dictates almost everything. The very fact that women give birth and are overwhelmed by maternity is the main driver of all our other human behaviors. Literally, everything else is geared towards this end. The propogation of the species.

In our earliest history, men partnered with women to do everything in their power to create the best possible survival environment for all children. It meant a beautiful cave and a male who would die to protect his offspring and his mother. As time went on, men did everything they could, including many non-glamorous things that had to struggle against nature to achieve the same goal. It is mainly hardship, hard work and manual labor under brutal conditions that caused the death of men much earlier and a difficult life. There were no "feminists" around claiming a piece of the pie regarding male achievements at that time, as there was no status in all of this.

Today, after society, society has changed its habits a long time ago in order to motivate men to work together to achieve the same goals collectively, so that we can now benefit from the collaboration of men over the years. millennia. We have a modern civilization with all the technical wonders, artistic creations and an incredible quality of life.

Suddenly, all the old rules designed to motivate men and maintain them in order to advance society were seen by feminists as "oppression". Note that this only happened when the conditions were such that women would find it easier to become "men of honor" as the feminists wanted. Feminists have demanded that women be on an equal footing at this stage of history, while considering that everything that is feminine and not glamorous has no value.

Feminists speak as if women were enslaved because our society granted rights to the head of the family … the man … that he would use for the benefit of his family. Feminists, however, are unaware that men also have legal responsibilities for their rights. Note that when feminists fought for equal rights, they did not demand nor obtain equal responsibilities. For example, ordinary men who did not own land received only the right to vote, which was their responsibility to fight and die in war. Women have just received this right without corresponding obligation. Rights without liability. How could this be slavery or "female oppression"?