Hawkhost.com – Honest Review After Two Years

I have been with hawkhost for two years and my experience with them is better than I expected! (because of the price)

After working with several other hosting companies before changing stores 24 months ago.

Let's start with the beginning of the account migration with multiple websites and two or three email accounts. Everything was migrated for free in a matter of minutes and everything worked well from the start.

I have friends who have accounts with all the big names in the industry and I know from them that they always have problems that I do not have:

– the creation of new websites, with hawkhost cPanel, it's simple as hello.

– add the ssl to their pages, with hawkhost just two clicks and it's free

– configuration of email accounts

– limitations in cPanel, with hawkhost, i can even switch to modsecurity if needed to run a tracking software. Some web hosts charge extra for this. In general, it seems to me that they give you access to everything, so when you need it, it's there. No need to bother with support.

– and very important the speed of the page: I come from Europe and my server is located in New York. When you set up your account, they also offer a location in Europe, but I went to New York. But still, the pages load very quickly and I use a heavy WP theme and many images on my publications. The Google Page speed test shows about 80 for mobile and about 95 for desktop. These are figures that only my friend can dream!

– Support: Up to now, I've opened about 40 tickets. They always answer within 10 to 40 minutes, even on weekends. The answers go straight to the point and are usually handled by the same people. Not like in other places where they change all the time!

Until now, I have nothing negative to report.

If you are looking for quality shared hosting, try it, one of the views that, until now, was not sold to EIG !! And do not let the bargain price put you off)

P.S. I think they also offer cloud hosting for the same price.

And no, I do not work there and I have not been paid for writing that.