hci – reference requests on the usability of scientific software libraries

I am writing an academic paper describing a software library I am developing to model the flow of glaciers and ice sheets.
One of the points I would like to emphasize in this article is that in the computational physics community, we have to look beyond the technical merits of the software we write and also address the ease with which it is easy to learn and use.
To that end, I quoted Green and Petre's 1996 document on cognitive dimensions and analyzed some of the design decisions I made regarding these criteria.

What are some other essential references on the usability of software libraries that I should mention or know? I have found some articles on the usability of scientific software in particular:

  • Macaulay et al. 2009, Ergonomics and User-Centered Design in Scientific Software Development
  • List et al. 2017, Ten simple rules for the development of usable software in computational biology
  • Rampersad et al. 2017, Improving usability of participatory design science software: a new interface design for radio astronomy visualization software

I am not an expert in UX, HMI or anything else, so there is a good chance that I missed a fundamental job in the field because I "do not know that I do not know.