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Heya ~

I've had several accounts here in the past when I was trying to promote a community that I was hardly taking this seriously. Because of the dramatic events that have occurred today that have had quite terrible consequences, I'm going to focus on other things, such as opening a new retro gaming forum community that I'm planning to start a few days later (with reason). named "Retro Gaming Talk") – I will probably use phpBB because I find it more comfortable to use as an end user and powerful enough for a free forum. :)

I am 17 years old and I am autistic. As you may have guessed from this initial paragraph, I like my old games, I had a PAL SNES as the first console and I grew up under XP and Vista for a while (and I've attached a lot of love as nostalgia to Vista surprisingly – my favorite operating system because it was a big leap forward at a time and really good for people who could bear it, pity he never had a second chance after the SP1). If only had my hands on a 98 or ME era machine, I hope someday (ThinkPad T42?) :RE

If you call Princess MeowsePad, you'll know me too, since you're one of the only people I still trust in my old tbh circles …: 3

I hope to make friends here and, hopefully, catch up with the last 6 years for which I have been, most of the time, unhappy and depressed … :)