Help with your kickstarter, indiegogo or crowdfunding campaign for $ 20

  • Help with your kickstarter, indiegogo or crowdfunding campaign

NOTE: This is only for Equity Campaigns and Crowdfunding Rewards.

Crowdfunding in recent years has become an exciting new way to raise funds for projects of all kinds, including charities, art projects, games and businesses. Crowdfunding also fails to raise the necessary funds, but is an effective marketing and testing tool when used properly.

As exciting as crowdfunding is, many campaigns fail, it is unfortunately estimated that nearly 70% of campaigns fail. The main reasons are the lack of experience and the failure of the plan implementation. Even crowdfunding campaigns that reach their goal sometimes fail because of poor planning. This service is here to change. I've already participated in various campaigns in all aspects of their crowdfunding campaigns, from setting up the campaign to writing the campaign, identifying rewards, marketing and post-campaign management.

The services I offer include a professional review of your crowdfunding campaign, a detailed action plan, and help for important research. If you have questions or need something different, please let me know.

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