Helpdesk is broken, send an email to Never Delivers


It's been several months since we tried to solve the problems on this forum.

1. Unable to post to the ad forum due to a technical problem related to our company's domain name and WHOIS list, eNom will NOT report to WHOIS publicly due to the RPG, the WebHostingTalk forum robot scan our ads and do not see WHOIS information from our domain. and hit our account with infractions and forbids us …

Currently, I think we are not allowed to advertise here until April (?) Due to "infractions" for not having provided all the details, while we have .. .

2. Issues with publications marked for "signature spam", "fluff", etc. However, I publish useful tips for forum members and contribute to the discussion, not just blatant advertisements to do business like others who keep their message. displays messages and is not subject to an offense.

I have sent several emails to the service desk and here is what I get back:

Mail Distribution Subsystem

17h56 (3 hours ago)

Incomplete delivery
A temporary problem occurred when sending your message to Gmail will retry another 44 hours. You will be notified if delivery fails permanently.
The response from the remote server was:

Missing Certificate 454 TLS: Error: 0906D06CEM routinesEM_read_bio: no starting line (# 4.3.0)

How can I get help on these questions if the help desk email does not work?