Hetzner Cloud – NS Servers ??

I am a former user of Hetzner vServers. I love them. You rent them, you can manage them in your backend Hetzner Robot. Everything is fine.

Out of curiosity, I rented a CX31 Cloud just to test it. I've installed plesk on it (manually) and I'm trying to analyze its behavior and so on. Until now, Plesk works very well. However.

One thing I can not solve. It is very clear on their wiki which NS is used for vServer https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/DNS_Robot/en

Even their Plesk installations (hetzner) are "personalized" and personalized. Therefore, if you install Plesk from Hetzner Robot – in Plesk DNS models, these values ​​are added in advance.


So it's obvious information for VPS vServers when you order them for Robot. But as I said, I ordered Cloud CX31 – a slightly different thing with a different backend.

But as I said, I ordered their cloud. For the cloud, the backend is separate. You can not manage them from Robot. I installed Plesk manually on the cloud. Maybe I miss something so obvious, but I can not know which NS is used when using Hetzner Cloud?

Maybe it's hidden somewhere in the backend of Hetzner Cloud? I can not understand.

No matter who?