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Ritu Sharma

Hi guys …
Today, I am active to share some tips on how to differentiate a paid HYIP from a fraudulent HYIP. If you really follow the advice given below before investing in a HYIP site, I am sure you will never fall victim to fake HYIP websites.

Check the life of the company and how long the HYIP monitoring website is monitoring this particular HYIP company.

HYIP websites should list a number of security features to give a sense of fullness of the law. These features include certificates issued by real companies, giving the user assurance that the site is a virus-free, malware-free, bank-level secure site, a registered business, and so on. These features are usually listed in the lower section of the home page.

Visit several HYIP monitors and check if this particular HYIP is listed. If so, check out the comments section for user comments. Do not rely on comments or evidence provided by the site administrator.

Do a general search on Google at the address listed on the Contact Us page of the HYIP website. Fraudsters associate a non-existent address When the support team does not respond to your requests or the site is slow and the functionality does not work, note that the site will soon become fraudulent.

He has to pay daily or at least once a week and not necessarily on your e-gold account. Do not invest in those who pay every month or every six months. They could have disappeared at that time.

In addition, the HYIP script is one of the main factors determining the quality of the HYIP website. By analyzing the design, layout and operation of the site, you will easily recognize the type of script used for the creation of the site. response rate of the site.