high sierra – Since the last update, the external drive is ejected when it is paused.

The memory of my Macbook being limited, I use an SD card that is mounted permanently. In addition, I often use an external hard drive. At night, I close the lid and put the mac in standby, with the external hard drive mounted. During sleep, I dimly see the light from the hard drive and I can not hear the disc spinning anymore. The next day, I open the lid and everything works like magic. That was how it worked until recently.

For some time, the last update of High Sierra has probably been modified.

  1. The external drive is ejected.
  2. I have to press the power button to wake up the laptop. But not all the time.
  3. I get a different wake up screen, a dimmed screen and a progress bar.
  4. The SD card, which is also an external drive, is not ejected.

Once this is done, the normal login screen appears and everything is normal, with the possibility to mount the drive.


Why is an external drive ejected and the other not? How can I keep both mounted?