homebrew – _complete: 96: incorrect mathematical expression: the expected operand at the end of the string in iTerm and Terminal on Tab kypresses

The Mac command line says "bad mathematical expression: expected operand at the end of the chain"

Previously, the question was asked, but the restart solution of my computer had not worked. I hoped that someone could help me debug or understand what was going on and how to solve this problem. Sadly..

_complete: 96: incorrect mathematical expression: operand expected at the end of the string

This is the error message by which this happens on the tabs and sometimes even on cd, the kind of commands from ls .. originally used iTerm but a thought problem could be isolated to this software but occurs also in the terminal ..

I've recently started upgrading the beer and reinstalled the wire, which has forced me to reinstall sass gems. So I'm not sure, but if I had to bet it would have something to do with it.

Asked asked in the answer linked above is my $ PATH:

➜ luckyme-scrollmagic git: (jimmy) echo $ PATH
/ usr / local / bin: / usr / bin: / bin: / usr / sbin: / sbin: / opt / X11 / bin

I do not understand what that means unfortunately ..

Any help or advice on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated.