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Schoolsolver is an online marketplace where tutors and students meet. He assists students in their tasks and assignments in various fields such as statistics, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, accounting and finance. a lot of students.
How it works

The homework help site offers a very simple user interface in which it is possible to ask a question on the home page of the site. The applicant and the question solver must register on the site. This reduces the chances of cheating on the site taking into account that they have a refund policy.
When you post your question, you must specify the amount you are willing to pay to get an answer. Registered tutors will then submit their answers with the amount they wish to pay. Different question solvers can submit an answer for the same question and the requester must determine the best response to the purchase by examining the guardian profiles. The requester of the question will likely select the guardian with the highest ranking.
Payment and fees

The amount of money for each service on this site is determined by the applicant (student) and the tutor can also indicate its price. If the price quoted is appropriate for the student, then the student can go ahead to buy the answer. . When the student presses this answer option, he is able to know the user name and e-mail address allowing to make payments via Bitcoin or PayPal.
Benefits of schoolSolver

This site is of great value to the student and the tutor. The student benefits from the fact that he / she receives the help of tutors. In addition, the student can earn money by simply asking questions. The student is assigned a space on the website so that his or her purchased answers are stored for future reference. On the other hand, the tutor can earn a decent income by answering students' questions. The tutor also has the option of appearing on the website with the answers that he has provided.
Rules of the site

Anyone registering on this site must comply with the rules otherwise their account will be terminated without notice. The submission of plagiarized content is highly prohibited on this site. Every document submitted by a guardian must be subjected to a plagiarism check. Be sure to read all the conditions of the service, otherwise you will be disappointed.

Schoolsolver.com is the best homework help site to consult. It gives easier and better results for your questions.