hotels – How Much Could You Expect Accommodations to be Pricewise in Japan?

I am planning to go to Japan with a fairly sized group of friends (About 6 other people) for next late next year ~Summer-Fall 2022. Nothing is set in stone as we are still waiting for a proper re-opening.

(I am from Puerto Rico which is quite far from Japan.)

It would be our first international trip, so we were wondering what could we expect on average for accommodations a day.

Our budget is around $1.5k-$2.5k per person for a week-long trip. (without tickets included and train pass.)

We are also planning on visiting other major cities, so I was also wondering if prices vary by a significant amount from city to city.

I have been studying Japanese regularly for a few years now and I am able to hold a conversation, a little shaky but I can, and we are also traveling with a Chinese speaker.