House Renovation | Forum Promotion

The past month I’ve been gone from almost everything, the reason why is I’ve been doing some DIY house renovations on my newly purchased house and it’s been taking up ALL of my time. I was wondering who all has done renovations on your house themselves? For me, we’ve pulled up the carpet in the bathroom (yes… the bathroom), living room, and bedroom. Come to find out there was the original 1916 hardwood in the bedroom and living room. We’ve repainted, I fully cleaned, and hooked up the basement. I’m turned his full wall tool shelves into a beautiful bar, and a bunch of other things such as painting, refilling the plaster, and other misc things.

If you’ve renovated your house, how long did it take you, what did you do, and did you have fun doing it? I found that it’s pretty fun to go through and destroy your house, then watch the transformation into a completely different looking house is both fun and quite invigorating.