How can I launch my site?

jmk909er, I do not think I can really help you since I just lived with my first FSB store. I have written the first 6 articles on the site, added a blog and posted on the blog since I was online on the 1st. I have about 10 publications so far. To date, I have received about 15 valid publication comments on the blog site (as well as over 100 spam comments). I kept the list of products rather small, about 25 items in the store to start. As suggested by FSB, I have tried to optimize SEO in all areas we have access to and rewrite the descriptions to make them more interesting. I plan to add a Facebook link to the store next week, so I'll see if this has an impact. I signed up for a Pinterest account and a YouTube channel, although I do not use it yet. I think that will be all for me at the moment.

I've already started on the 2cd store for another range of products and I'm thinking of having it live on August 1st. The second will be a lot easier than the first one because I have a better idea of ​​how to proceed. I think I will make this deadline to be around this date. I've used Market Samurai software to help me find better keywords for the site, although I'm not sure whether it helps or not.

Sorry I do not have words of wisdom. I'm sure other FSB users could help us a lot more. In any case, the best for you.
Wishing you a successful 2015 year