How can I make a quick index of links in google

Why did you put your backlinks on websites that already contain many links? How is Google supposed to understand that your link is the important link on this site. You can create a nice clean backlink on youtube. Google will pick it up. There are many ways to link back to youtube.

You can even write a very useful article on a forum and get a link back. But beware, if the forum is very popular like Digital Point, it will be ahead of you in the index.

In the past, I have been very fortunate in writing press releases and then arriving at Bing Summit. Google does not seem to rank me as well as bing. I imagine that Google rejects what they call link farms … and this for several years already.

Since you are working on a business project, you can list it on yelp … as well as on the usual social spaces for revisions and comments.

ETA: You can find Premium users on Digital Point and buy a signature link – The old rules stipulated that premium signatures were indexed – you do not know if this is still a thing.