How can I make sure that Player 1 controls the first character and that Player 2 controls the second character in a multiplayer game at the unit?

I have created a "network manager" and a "network manager" for the entire scene. My character is a simple capsule and has a camera, a weapon sire and 3 weapons as children. I gave him a "network identity" and a "network transformation", I rewrote the "capsule controller" (attached to the capsule) as well as the "mouse controller" (attached to the camera) and I saved it as a prefab. I configured the network manager to take the prefabri as a spawn object and use the default settings of the network manager: localhost: 7777.

Now my problem.

I've built an instance of the game, runs the online game as a host (localhost: 7777) and everything works. Then I run the external build (tried localhost and even local ip)

As soon as I join the game using the 2. instance, the second player supports the first player's camera! And first, it seems that both cameras are made in parallel.

If I do not attach cameras to the player, I can control them as expected: #

Now, finally my question: What am I doing wrong or am I missing?

Thank you