How do Wazirx trading platforms work? – The corner of crypto-currencies

The P2P WazirX exchange platform is unique compared to other trading platforms. The P2P WazirX exchange platform helps you buy and sell encrypted data with the help of the USDT.

USDT is Tether is a stable piece is an equal amount for traditional fiduciary currencies, like the dollar, the euro or the Japanese yen.

Workflow in the WazirX trading platform

If you want to buy bitcoins in wazirX, you need to have the USDT. WazirX recommends you mainly to deposit money in UPI (unified payment interface).). It's fast, free and you can drop up to 2 Lakhs. You want to create an account in UPI with the help of a phone number already registered on the WazirX exchange platform, then an UPI account automatically adds to your WazirX wallet and you can also deposit money in IMPS / NEFT / RTGS Platform.

You can search for the seller who is willing to sell his USTD for the currency.

After you purchase the USTD, you can give the USDT to the WazirX legal depository until the end of your transactions.

If you meet a seller then, the trade is to be confirmed within 60 minutes if you have exceeded more than 60 minutes, the trade will be automatically canceled.

After the transaction, the buyer wants to click on the option "I paid" on a website.

WazirX Escrow will not send your crypto to the buyer before sending the payment receipt to the seller.

In case of a problem between a buyer and a seller, you can use the button's "dispute resolution" system to identify the problem and solve it.

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