How do you post an answer to a question that somebody else asked? There is no Answer, or Reply button / link, and commenting isn’t allowed

Welcome to Android Enthusiasts, a Q&A site for Android end-users asking and solving their issues. We appreciate your interest to participate on here, but being strictly a Q&A site, it is comparatively different from the traditional forum format where anyone can post anything related to the topic of the thread. Here, we only have questions and answers, no tangential discussions or irrelevant chit-chat.

Regarding answering, in general, users can simply post an answer by writing it on the answer box at the bottom of the page. However, some questions cannot be answered for various reasons:

  • Closed questions, because they do not meet the minimum quality bar, have some immediate issues that make them unanswerable, or just plain off-topic.
  • Locked questions, like for historical value.
  • Protected questions, that only allows users with a minimum of 10 reputations to answer to prevent noises (posts that are not answering the question).

In this specific case, the question has been protected automatically since it received a few noises. Note that the moderator has unprotected the question, so feel free to post an answer there!

It is understandable that new users may not be familiar and have difficulty with the model of Stack Exchange due to reputation, privileges, new users’ restrictions, and such. Unfortunately, some restrictions were put due to the popularity of the Stack Exchange network to prevent new users from using the site incorrectly. While it may not be easy for some, feel free to browse the help center or FAQs to get familiarize with Stack Exchange!