How FBI “hacked” bitcoin network (funny) and undercover hosting providers.. | NewProxyLists

Hi guys.. let me tell you that FBI did not even or can hack any bitcoin network.. this is all fake news by them and media did not say the truth as it should be.. recently bitcoin price dropped a lot due people got in panic that bitcoin is not safe.. of course it is safe and let me clear some things.. some fraudsters which was asking from people to pay them after was hacking them they was using between their group a “popular privacy” software called ANOM .. this was undercover application of FBI and they was monitoring everything for years and they did catch with trojan.. they catched many bad guys in Europe and other continents which they was talking about criminal things as they was thinking the app was safe for chat and voice and they was sharing many secrets which all was being logged at the network of FBI..

I was the first one saying not trust some hosting providers which are undercover and claiming they have “privacy” and blah blah.. some of them even they are some of them are advertising here and they are just in business some years maybe around 2 years or more and like mushrooms they are coming to surface.. they do advertise also on google adwords like normal providers.. i received from them messages that if i continue to tell the truth i would have some issues.. and here i am i will say the truth and i will inform you about only valid providers as much as you not like it.. because we are not all same and we not do criminal things.. we just want privacy and nothing else.. i will give a tip to everyone do not trust this website website is being operated for dark purposes and to catch potentially victims.. do not trust them you will see clearly which providers they advert a lot and you will understand that all those are fake.. some of them was hosting dark web TOR websites which got “leaked” somehow… guess why..