How long can a 35mm film be used / stored before it starts to lose its quality after expiration?

I am a little beginner, I would say in photography 35 mm. The last time I shot, it was in the early 2000s with an AF-7 Ricoh that my father had offered me. After the camera had problems and could not be resolved, I had never used a film camera so far. I've always loved film photography and the very process of developing your own images. Recently, I decided to get a Minolta SLR camera and movies at really affordable prices and take pictures.

I bought three packets of dandruff.
1. Fujicolor 200 pack of 4 rolls with expiry date 02/2007 (the seller told me that it was refrigerated)
2. Fuji XTRA 400 pack of 4 with expiration date 09/2018 (storage condition unknown)
3. Kodak Ultramax 400 pack of 3 rolls with expiry date 02/2017 (storage condition unknown)

The Fujicolor 200 was mainly bought with the intention of trying. In addition, I will develop it myself, so I do not want to do it well before the first tests.

Will the images of Fujicolor 200 be terrible because of its age? I guess the Fuji 400 is only a few months old, so I could be lucky for a few months if I keep it in the freezer. As for Kodak, it's almost two years old again, so I'm skeptical that the images are so grainy.

Which brand is always producing new films? I think ILFORD is still making new shots right?

Thank you in advance.