How to add an attachment to the slide show

Purpose: to insert text as an attachment in the slideshow of views

Theme: Bootstrap

Drupal: 8

Content type: Slideshow with two fields: image and text

Added two nodes of the content type.

Creating a slide show block using views and a bootstrap carousel. The slideshow works very well. The slideshow simply displays the image / slide field.

Below shows only the block of views for the slideshow.

enter the description of the image here

Now I like to put the text field as an attachment (place the text above the image in the slideshow) in the view block.

Views> Add> Attachment> After I'm lost. I'm not sure which setting to use to put the corresponding text field on each slide.

You see below that I added the attachment in view, but when I visit my site, I only see the slideshow of images and I do not see the slide-img as an attachment.

enter the description of the image here

Please, give your opinion.